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Garden restaurant

Published November 28, 2007 by lunalunaz

On Sunday, I went to a garden restaurant with neighbors.

The food was great. It was Chinese and I love Chinese food.

And the garden was beautiful as you can see in the pic.

Since it was such a fine day that I decided to walk home.

The idea startled everyone.

They asked me to go home by taxi….

But it was only 2-hour walk and I really enjoyed it !!!

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100-yen shop, 300-yen shop

Published November 20, 2007 by lunalunaz

I went shopping last night.

Did you know that there are stores called,

100-yen shop and 300-yen shop in Japan?

The items are real cheap, you won't believe it.

I bought kitchen items at 100-yen shop and

gloves and a muffler at 300-yen shop.

A few years ago, I bought a fine muffler at a department store

for 20,000 yen.

If I go to 300-yen shop now,

I can buy 66 mufflers with that money!

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