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Cooking Pan

Published November 30, 2007 by lunalunaz


Yesterday, I went to Isetan department store and bought a Cooking Pan,

designed by Harumi Kurihara.

Outside is light blue and very cute!

And after that my daughter got thirsty so we went to Hotel Granvia Kyoto and had tea and cakes!


You may think I am eating too many cakes lately….

I agree!

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Garden restaurant

Published November 28, 2007 by lunalunaz

On Sunday, I went to a garden restaurant with neighbors.

The food was great. It was Chinese and I love Chinese food.

And the garden was beautiful as you can see in the pic.

Since it was such a fine day that I decided to walk home.

The idea startled everyone.

They asked me to go home by taxi….

But it was only 2-hour walk and I really enjoyed it !!!

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100-yen shop, 300-yen shop

Published November 20, 2007 by lunalunaz

I went shopping last night.

Did you know that there are stores called,

100-yen shop and 300-yen shop in Japan?

The items are real cheap, you won't believe it.

I bought kitchen items at 100-yen shop and

gloves and a muffler at 300-yen shop.

A few years ago, I bought a fine muffler at a department store

for 20,000 yen.

If I go to 300-yen shop now,

I can buy 66 mufflers with that money!

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