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Birthday again!

Published December 31, 2007 by lunalunaz

Today was my husband's birthday.

So we have bought cake and celebrated his 44th birhtday!

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Published December 29, 2007 by lunalunaz


Today, we went shopping to a nearby shopping mall.

Does it look like one near you?











                                                         This is my daughter's favorite clothing store.

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Airmail from Oslo

Published December 26, 2007 by lunalunaz


I just came back from the postoffice.

I have finally sent out all the new year postcards!!!  including the one to Oslo.

Yes, yesterday, I got a new year card from Oslo.

That was a friend from High school.

I thought she was still living in Kyoto.

She is married to a Norwegian and apparently they have decided to move into Norway.

With two little cute girls.

Sounds so exciting, doesn't it?

I really can't not go anywhere myself at the moment…….

(Because my husband has started a new business…and lots of things are happening at the moment)

But it is nice to have someone who lives so far away!


Well, have a great day today 🙂

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