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Volunteer work

Published January 31, 2008 by lunalunaz

Today i did my volunteer work at the local elementary school.
(where my daughter had graduated from)

I brought my "Lisa and Gaspard" books from home and read them in English to the kids.
First a boy showed some interest and i started reading for him, then girls came around us and were listening to what i was saying. And they wanted me to read all the books i brought.
It is not that I am good at reading or anything but i think they really got interested in the storeis.
I figure that Lisa, Gaspard and George are amazingly funny and serious at the same time and that is intriguing to kids all over the world!

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English lesson

Published January 30, 2008 by lunalunaz

Yesterday i had attended a group lesson by an English teacher.
It was held at a coffee shop…
The teacher's name is Peter and there were 4 ladies including me.
I really enjoyed having conversation with him but..
Afterwards I was a bit worried what other ladies thought of me.
They might have thought that I am too Americanized or something….
I am usually a nice and quiet person outwardly.
But when i have some conversation in English, i have a total different personality.
Which is me? i wonder.

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Relaxing at home…

Published January 27, 2008 by lunalunaz

Another cold day today..

It was snowing in the morning…

I stayed home and spent my afternoon reading a book.

The book is "Digging to America" by Anne Tyler.

I like her story because her stories are mainly in Maryland where i spent a year as a high school student.

Also this story is about american couples adopting korean girls and is just interesting.

I forgot how it was with my daughter…..(She is my own child by the way….)

But nowadays she is busy with her mobile exchanging text messages with her friends…

that it seems like she doesn't need me so much any more!

I guess it is a part of growing up process.

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