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Can chuhai

Published March 29, 2008 by lunalunaz

Can you guess what it is?

It is a kind of alcoholic drinks (Japanese drinks).

I had to promote this at the supermarket today….

BUT only sold 29 cans.

I saw customers buy dozens of beer….but not this.

Perhaps the most popular alcoholic drink is beer, I assume.


Besides…it was kind of cold inside the supermarket and I was freezing!

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I am fabulous…..

Published March 25, 2008 by lunalunaz

Today we had a group lesson, I don't know if you call this a group lesson, but threes Japanese ladies including me had an English lesson with an English man.

First of all, he asked me how I was,

so I said I am fine but,

he said that it is only textbook english

and native speakes don't say that.

So from now on,

I will say

"I am fabulous!".

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US beef

Published March 22, 2008 by lunalunaz

I have started working on Sat.

I work at  supermarkets and promote some food product.

Today's product was US beef.

What I had to do was to cook sliced beef and offer it to customers in the supermarket.

Many enjoyed eating the beef that I cooked, especially children.

They keep coming, until I say "that is enough!".


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