Sushi for girls day

Published March 4, 2008 by lunalunaz

So i bought sushi last night to celebrate girls day.

It was very good…I can eat it everyday.

Anyway, my daughter pointed out that it is

up-side down!

It is supposed to look like a fan i guess.


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8 comments on “Sushi for girls day

  • Really….why do they like it so much i wonder….When I was in the states more than 20 years ago,I didn't see any sushi restaurants…..My host parents took me to a Japanese restaurant in D.C.and saw some Japanese businessmen enjoying their dishes!

  • Yes, sushi has become very popular in the states. I don't know why, maybe because everyone is so fat and Japanese tend to be skinny, so they want to copy the diet? I am not sure.Recently, it is extending beyond just food, though. Way of life, habits, even partners. It has become a big trend.You went to D.C.? I lived in DC for a year. There was a Japanese restaurant across the street. It was owned by a Japanese man and his Korean wife. It was very nice, and they were very nice people.This blog talks about white people's obsession with sushi:

  • Very interesting article….thanks!I do want to try some California rolls someday.They sound so good!And You been to a Japanese restaurant in DC?Could be the same one??I lived in Maryland as a foreign exchange student for a year….My host mother was a good cook but I don't think she ever cooked any Asian dishes.

  • California rolls? Haha, I am surprised you have heard of them. I thought they were unknown outside of US!They are ok, they are sushi with no fish. It is nice because they have avocado (my favorite!), cucumber, and imitation (fake) crab. That is the most common type of California roll, but there are variations. Only requirement for a roll to be called "California roll" is that it has no fish or meat, so there are many kinds. Good for vegetarians.

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