Published March 6, 2008 by lunalunaz

It is always a headache for me to find a good bakery.
Because my daugher is so choosey and so easy to get tired of one bakery.
However Luckily I have found a new one today.
The name of the shop is "Paul" and I believe it is French.
They say they are here for only one month.
I think I will go back there…..

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4 comments on “Paul

  • A bakery only for one month? Very strange…French pastries are so good! I cannot pronounce all the names, though. Chocolate souffles are my favorite!What is the most common type of foreign bakery in Japan? French? American? Italian?

  • Chocolate souffles? Sounds so good but I haven't tried them yet!This bakery is now in the place where used to be a bagel shop in the department store.I guess bagels are not so popular here.So today i went there again and bought a "Grille pomme", which is basically an apple pie!I am not sure of the most common type….Japanese people are good at improvising…Have you ever heard of Anpan? It is a bread that has sweet mushed beans inside……..You ought to try it!

  • Anpan? Never heard of it, but sounds very good! I like sweet beans.Thanks for the recommendation. I will keep my eye out for it. Most Asian bakeries in NYC are Chinese, some Korean. I wonder if they will have Anpan?There was a store here, called Ess-a-Bagel, it had a story that a Japanese woman came to the US to learn how to make bagels and then was very successful in Japan.

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