Lake biwa

Published March 9, 2008 by lunalunaz
Biwako 006
Biwako 007
Biwako 013
Biwako 010

I felt better today so we went for a drive to Lake biwa.

Can you see the rainbow??


Then we had tea and sweets at Hotel Lake Biwa.

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8 comments on “Lake biwa

  • Yes we do! But right now everyone is angry with ice cream (and other sweets). There is a diet craze to stop being fat and all my friends are so scared to eat it now! It is no fun.Everyone stares at you for having or eating ice cream. If they are fat, they think you are mocking them; if they are not fat, they think you are being rude because they want it too now.I am surprised you have not had tempura ice cream! I think it is a Spanish idea, but Asian restaurants use a unique batter to deep fry it in. It was a very surprising balance: outside is like hot cake, and inside is soft and cold ice cream. They have green tea, vanilla, and (my favorite ->) red bean flavors.I think the Japanese version of tempura ice cream is best. It is not popular or available in Japan?! O_o That is very strange…My favorite flavor of ice cream? It is hard to say. It depends on the company! If I go to Ben & Jerry's, their "Cookies & Cream" is my favorite. Carvel has "Crunchies," and it is what I got every birthday (big crunchies ice cream cake!)!I cannot decide between these two, haha.It is really rare to know someone who likes mint! I only have one friend who does, and he is a genius, part of Mensa.

  • You seem to have many good ice cream stores around you.Too bad you have to feel guilty to eat it nowadays.And you eat an ice cream cake for your birthday??Please take a pic because I want to see it!I like "Cookies and Cream" too. Haagen Dazs is our favorite brand here.So your mensa friend likes mint??What kind of person is he?Does he have normal eating habit?Have you tried mint? It's good!

  • Yes, my birthday is on the 21st of June, so I will take a picture then.My mensa friend is very quiet, he works for the music company and wants to start a band. He does not have much ambition: he is happy with just enjoying life.

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