California rolls

Published March 14, 2008 by lunalunaz

Believe it or not, there was a cooking program on TV that told us how to make california rolls last night.

So Voila!

I have made them tonight for dinner.

They don't look so professionally done, but tasted all right ๐Ÿ™‚

I ate more that i should!

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6 comments on “California rolls

  • O-ee-shee? (delicious in Japanese?) They look delicious!I do not know the name of the brown outside, but they do not use so much here. Very little, like dust. I like your version though, I want to try it!Sometimes they use those orange eggs? Roe? I do not remember, they are delicious. They cover the rice as much as you covered it with the brown stuff. :-)Why did you not take a picture of the inside? I want to see the ingredients you use! Boo! =)

  • Thank you very much AzureWolf!Outside is covered with sesame seeds. Are they not so poplular?They are supposed to be covered with sesame seeds and grated cheeze, but my husband doesn't like cheeze so I didn't use it.And the inside, I used cucumber and crab-like meat with mayonnaise sauce and curry power.Originally they were supposed to be avocados and Italian hams,but I could not find them at the local supermarket.Eggs go well with sushi too! Next time I will try!

  • Sesame seeds are popular, but I have not seen so many on sushi rolls before, but I am not an expert!I do not like cheese either, but sometimes they serve it in california rolls. However, it is more common to NOT have cheese.Curry powder? That sounds like a good idea! I like the customization and the improvisation!

  • Yeah I find curry power is a good accent, however, it is very unusual!Yesterday I have tried another kind of sushi, Inari-sushi.Have you ever heard of it?They tasted good but didn't look so great… I didn't take a picture.I need to practice to make them look good.

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