Voice chat

Published April 10, 2008 by lunalunaz

Today I have spoken to an American man over the Internet (he lives near Boston).

This is the seond time that we talked.

But he is always friendly and nice to me.

Today he was eager to learn Japanese from me.

Also he played the drum for me and taught me some joke in Japanese…..so interesting!

It is amazing that we can be friends with anybody around the world!

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2 comments on “Voice chat

  • Yes, it has become a very small world.I do not do voice chat much because I have a very nosy family. They start rumors very quickly about nothing. Once, I said I drink only water, my father told everyone I do not eat anything and only drink water and I was dying. I meant I do not drink sodas!

  • Oh ok…..your father often jumps to his conclusion, i suppose.I don't do voice chat so much either because my husband has a business at home….so only when he is out……

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