Hot Yoga

Published April 11, 2008 by lunalunaz

Today I have been to a yoga studio and tried a hot yoga session.
Although I have had yoga lessons before, this is my first time to try Hot Yoga.
It is a New York thing, isn't it?
Well I like it a lot… time I would like to try bellydancing!

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4 comments on “Hot Yoga

  • Yes, it is very popular in NY. They believe it is a good way to lose fat. But other types of Yoga are very popular too. One has all these strong, big men, and it looks like their muscles are too big to let them be flexible, but they can do splits no problem! @_@

  • Oh, do not worry about that. Whenever you do something new, that will happen. If you keep doing it, it will go away slowly. Maybe after third time, you will not feel sore. I promise.It always will happen if you do more with your body than you normally do. Like if you walk too much, your legs feel sore the next day. But if you keep walking the same amount every week, they won't feel sore the next day.But wait until you do not feel sore before going again!

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