Eco bag

Published April 27, 2008 by lunalunaz

Today I have worked at a supermarket again….selling beers.
It wasn't particularly hard nor good….I did ok I think.
Anyway the thing that I have noticed was that most customers bring their own eco bags at this store.
(Do you call this eco bag? or shopping bag..)
Even when i bought something for lunch…they were reluctant to give away a small plastic bag for me.
It is sort of amazing…i have never been to such a supermarket before….

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2 comments on “Eco bag

  • It is a growing trend all around the world. Anya Heindrich released these I'm not a Plastic Bag bags, and since she is a designer, it really increased how fast people are adopting bringing reusable bags. I do not know what finally made everyone care that plastic bags are bad, but I knew that when I was 10!

  • Really I haven't seen those "I'm not a Plastic Bag" bags.Thanks for the info.They must be very fashionable to have influenced so many people!So you don't like girlie bags….what kind of bags do you have in your mind?All black? All blue?

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