A mobile message…

Published May 13, 2008 by lunalunaz

This morning I was awakened by a message to my mobile.

It was my duaghter and she was on her way to her school.

But she has found a cockroach at the front door and she wanted me to get rid of it.


I did nothing….just stayed in bed…well actually in futon.

She doesn't like cockroaches….neither do I.

When I went downstairs later…I didn't see any of them.

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8 comments on “A mobile message…

  • I am glad we do not have roaches in the UK, not because of any dislike or phobia, but because I hear they are very numerous and when they infest can be a big problem to get rid of….kind of like ants, but worse.Tsk Tsk, your poor daughter left to dodge past a nasty roach while you stayed in your comfy bed.

  • Really? I didn't know…..so there are no cockroaches in the UK??You are lucky.Hearing this, my daughter says that she wants to live in UK.Numerous is a ominous word…..If we see them more often, we go crazy!

  • Dear AzureWolf,Don't laugh, just come to our house and kill them!But honestly, our house is not so messy…I vacuume almost everyday!I wonder where they come from….

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