Sending kids to foreign countries….

Published May 20, 2008 by lunalunaz

 I heard that sending kids to foreign countries for a short time is becoming very popular here. So I asked a friend of mine who had sent her son to Wellington,NZ for a month about a year ago. She told me he stayed with a very nice family and got to go to a private school there, but she also told me she had to pay for 500,000 yen! (about 5000 dollars)
 You know I had spent a year as an exchange student in the U.S. and stayed with a nice family. But my father paid about 500,000yen, about the same amount of money for a whole year. And the organization – American Field Service had given me monthy allowances too!
 Spending some time in a different countries is a great experience. But it is a great amount of money too!

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9 comments on “Sending kids to foreign countries….

  • Yes, I am thinking about this matter for my daughter. She is interested in foreign countries and English language.Why do you have to wait until you finish school? I think it is crucial to experience things while you are young!The problem is she is only 13 so she can't work…..Perhaps what I have to do is to find good programs which parents don't have to pay so much….

  • I have to wait because I do not have enough money. My parents will not pay for any trip I like. Why? Here is a list, haha:They think I will sleep with a French woman in France.

  • You have very protective parents!I hope you will have much fun once you graduated from your school.Thanks Azure!I don't know much about California myself….If many people like it so much (including your dear friend) , it must be exciting!My daughter has studied English for only a year…….she knows only textbook English.

  • I think it is important for her to stay with people that have an understanding of Japanese, language barriers can be a real problem and often ruin an experience.I do not no that many people in the UK, that study Japanese (Myself being an exception) Though I knew a few in America that studied and there is a fair amount of Japanese there, dependent on the area.I would have loved to been able to study abroad when I was a teen, though I had poor health and missed the opportunity in my high school.Maybe you can find a cheaper alternative to $5000, I hope so anyway.

  • Shugo I wonder what made you become so interested in Japanese culture…Does it have anything to do with your health condition?When I was abroad I didn't have any bad experiences, i guess it is because I was a girl…..But sometimes people just ignored me because my English wasn't so good.Thanks I do hope so too.

  • I disagree with Shugo. My personal experience with people has been the opposite. When you put them in uncomfortable situations, they learn faster. If you let them go back to their "safety language," they learn significantly slower.

  • You have a valid point, but I think you misunderstood my comment.I meant an understand as an implication to at least a fundamental knowledge, to avoid frustrating situations.Funny you should use sign language as your example, I actually sign BSL and my mother signs at level two BSL, in the process of acquiring her level 3. My cousin was deaf from birth, and I had learned from a young age spending time around him, it did indeed mean I had to learn quickly. Being put in a situation where you have no choice but to improve is a good way to learn, providing you do not feel too pressurized. Feeling you have no alternative can have the opposite affect on a person, causing them to feel more apprehensive about speaking at all.I guess it comes down to the person in the situation. Jessica I am sure you would not make a choice regarding your daughter if you did not think she would benefit from it, I do not mean to discourage at all. Opportunities like this are a fantastic way to build character, my partner has traveled a lot, even staying in Japan during her teen years, she really enjoyed it and has a good understanding of different cultures from traveling.

  • Azure, Shugo Thank you very much for your comments!I am a little bit confused, but am all right.To tell you the truth, I am a tough mother and really would like to push her off a cliff…..but at the same time I really want her to have good time…..Is it a difficult combination??Well I looked for good programs via internet last night and those programs which let her stay in countries like NZ Australia and England for 2 weeks cost about 50,000 dollars!Probably I will wait for a while and let her acquire English skills at school at the moment.Like Shugo's friend, people can acquire a great understanding of other nations from travelling….also of many other things……

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