Around 40

Published May 24, 2008 by lunalunaz

It is my favourite TV drama at the moment. ( every Friday at 10 in the evening ) And I think it is quite popular here.
It is about friendship among three Japanese ladies around 40.
 One is a housewife, who is trying to go back to work after long years as a housewife.
 The other one is a female doctor having trouble with her relationships, (probably because of her high social status??)
 And the last one is a magazine editor, recently married, having trouble conceiving a child.
I do understand everyone's problems and sympathize with them.  Well almost…
I do not sympathize with the editor one because she is trying too hard to be perfect and wanting to have everything in her life…….

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2 comments on “Around 40

  • Azure, thank you for your comment!
    I wish we could see any country's TV drama easily so that we can share and talk about them.
    My husband watch this but in a living room whereas I watch TV with my pc.
    (so that I can do many other things at the same time!)
    But we do talk about this a lot later 🙂

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