Karaoke song

Published May 31, 2008 by lunalunaz

So this is my favourite song at the moment and practicing it now because I have to go to a meeting next week in the evening.They may ask me to go to Karaoke afterwards!
This is the song for the Japanese Drama "Around 40" and my husband told me this song has become very popular now (perhaps because the drama is very popular).

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8 comments on “Karaoke song

  • Oh you will be disappointed to see me sing! I am terrible!To break any ice? maybe that is the purpose of it…..but we just want to have fun and be drunk a little to let the stress out….do you know what I mean?No not the scenes but the lady in the video is the main character from Around 40.She is actually about 40. But she is so gorgeous isn't she??

  • You are so sweet Azure! Thank you!Perhaps it is an Asian thing.Also I tell you my secret to stay young……I often go walking…….that makes me feel good and refreshed. I guess you know that already!Azure, are you good at music? if so, I would love to see you perform!

  • I think you are right Azure. I saw a picture of my girlfriends family when we were first dating, I thought her mother was her older sister… Gong Li in Curse of the golden flower – 41years old and she looks as if she is in her later twenties.I also think you should upload a video of yourself singing, Jessica.

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