Published June 15, 2008 by lunalunaz

Yesterday I worked at a supermarket again.
This time I had to sell Lipton tea bags.
But first, I had to make iced tea to offer to customers.
And the customers were so demanding!
Some say it is too strong. So I made weaker tea.
Then some say it is too weak.
Some say it is too sweet. So I made tea with less sugar.
Then some say it is not sweet enough.
Some say she wanted to have hot tea (It was rather cool inside the supermarket…). So I made hot tea.
Then some say she prefers iced tea because she just came in…..

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3 comments on “Confused….

  • It's part of the job I think coz people have different tastes but yeah sometimes we get confused about it…haha…You really have to satisfy customers right?…So just make sure you please everybody…anyway it's nice to meet diff types of people than not…Fighting!

  • I know it was an annoying and awful experience, but I had to laugh at how demanding people could be with free samples! It is free! That should be enough! If you do not like it, do not buy it! You are not their waitress.

  • Sollee and Azure, Thank you for your comments!Yeah I have to admit it is nice to meet different sorts of people!I will keep fighting!And it is laughable in a way isn't it?Actually the tea didn't sell well. I guess because people think it is too hot to drink tea……and it is such a bother to make iced tea at home!

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