Koudai ji (temple)

Published June 26, 2008 by lunalunaz

Today I sat at the entrance of the kodaiji temple in kyoto to guide foreign tourists.
And one of the foreign-looking couple asked about the admission fee and left without entering.
I do hope tourists can enjoy visiting great places without paying so much.
But at the same time, I know a beautiful garden like this costs a lot of money for maintenance!

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8 comments on “Koudai ji (temple)

  • How much is the entrance fee? I think 2000-2,500yen is reasonable.The pictures I have seen show how neat and precise the garden looks, I am sure a lot of effort and heart went into making it such a pleasant place.Many places deteriorate because high-upkeep causes a raised entrance fee to be required, it is a shame to see beauty wither and rot because of financial problems. I am glad many temples in Japan are visited by tourists and locals alike, it keeps them looking as majestic and reverent as they were meant to be. I hope very few are destroyed or left to rot.P.S. Did you find the picture or did you take it yourself?

  • The fee is 600 yen!I have heard it is very costly to maintain a castle or manor houses in England.Famous temples here in kyoto are ok because there are many tourists all the time.yes I have taken those pictures. I enjoy taking pictures!

  • Wow that is expensive. But it must be a beautiful place to see!My dream is to visit castles and manor houses in England!Thank you for your nice comment.If you want to see something in Japan, let me know, I will take a pic!

  • Thanks Azure!Well I think it is a good idea to visit one or two places you really like.But visiting many places in one day would be too much and you won't remember a thing!

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