My daughter

Published July 24, 2008 by lunalunaz

She is becoming difficult these days…
Today I wanted to go to a shopping mall with her.
We always ride bicycles when we do that.
I was about to ride an old one but she didn't like it.
She didn't want me to ride an old bicycle or she didn't want to go out with me!
So I finally decided to go with a newer one which is fashionable but does not have a basket (to put bags in).
It seems like outward beauty or neatness is the most important thing in her life!

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6 comments on “My daughter

  • We now have the http://www.generation….once I asked my niece to bring with her an old native basket so that she could easily put there all the things she had bought instead of using a paper bag…..she refused and told me she would look like a "magbabalot"…a peddler who sells duck eggs if she will use it… Yes they're too conscious of how they will be seen by their peers^^

  • Weren't you obsessed with form over function when you were younger? I think it is just a phase, but it is cute that she worries about you too! Here in the US, girls just avoid their mothers, they don't tell them to get a better-looking whatever.I hope she becomes more laidback and pliant soon! It's good to be strong about what's important to you, but make sure it's important to you not because it's important to others. =)

  • Really, but how can they avoid mothers!My daughter wants me to put on better clothes especially when I come to her school.One time when I wore jeans and sneakers to her school, she was extremely unhappy!

  • Hey don't be too hard on your daughter….Azure was right….when we were younger we had passed through that phase as well….Tell her not to be too conscious of looks and don't be too fashionable….what's important is wearing a dress that suits the occasion….I think she will understand!

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