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Published August 29, 2008 by lunalunaz
Starbucks 001
Starbucks 003
Starbucks 004

I had coffee with a friend at a starbucks in our neighbourhood this morning.
It is about 10 min walk from my house.
Does it look like the one in your neighbourhood?

It is inside of Kyoto Karasuma Hotel!

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The thing I found

Published August 25, 2008 by lunalunaz

I went walking today to Imperial palace, and guess what I found on a small tree!
An eco-bag, i suppose, which says "I love NY".
I keep wondering if it is a message to me or not.
Because just before I went out, I happened to watch a series of "Sex and the City".
And some time ago, I was wondering where is the greatest place in the world for shopping!
Does it make sense to you??

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Summer holiday

Published August 18, 2008 by lunalunaz

I know europeans take much longer holidays but ours was only 2 days.
We went to mountain area and had great time.
You can see my daughter is soaking her feet in the hot spring water.
It is called "Ashiyu" , meaning "feet water"
It is very relaxing. also we enjoyed hot spring bath at the hotel!
My husband got a little tired after driving 6 or 7 hours but it worth it, I think!


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A new digital camera

Published August 13, 2008 by lunalunaz

At last my old camera stopped functioning.
So I have bought a new one yesterday.
This is the one I bought…

And I took some pictures in the Imperial Palace in kyoto when I went walking.
To tell you the truth, It was very hot even in the morning,
so you don't see many people….

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Used Books Fair – in Shimogamo temple

Published August 11, 2008 by lunalunaz

I don't know if there are such things in other countries.
But my daughter and I went one this morning.

We got there around 10 and it was rather quiet. But by the time we finished looking around, there were so many people and the place was packed!
I bought 2 DVDs ( Spider-man2, and New police story) and a few books….

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