At a supermarket

Published August 9, 2008 by lunalunaz

Today I went to a supermarket to buy some lunch for my family.
I had put sushi, some drinks, and bread into my cart,then went to the cash register.
BUT I found out that I didn't have a wallet with me and had to apologize to a store-person.
How embarrasing!

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4 comments on “At a supermarket

  • Oh… it happens to other people as well…so don't worry!….Once I forgot my wallet too while I was commuting and I had to pay the driver….I noticed that I didn't have my wallet with me…so I asked another passenger to pay for me^^….I said with the cutest smile…"Hi….I'm a teacher hehe…here's my ID….ehem…I just forgot my wallet ehem…here's my lesson plan ehem….It's just that I wasn't in uniform(we're not in uniform every Friday)^^….So while the other passenger was about to pay the driver said don't worry Maam…it's ok!^^

  • Wow he was nice!Wasn't it a good day for you after all??I understand it can be scary to take a bus without a wallet!I am glad to know that everyone forgets it once in a while ^^

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