The cake my daughter made….

Published January 17, 2009 by lunalunaz

She made this today and we ate it.
I think she wants to experiment before she make good ones for valentines day.
I am not sure whom she is planning to give sweets to. I am trying to be reasonable so am not going to ask her.
This is called "mille-feuille", right?

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11 comments on “The cake my daughter made….

  • They look good, were they? Your daughter is amusing, I never told my mother anything about my attractions, she is probably too shy to talk about it. Azure has a point, people are more inclined to open up if you share stories of your own vulnerability. It helps people to feel less embarrassed about themselves, if they know that silly things are done to, and done by, others. Good luck ^_-

  • Thanks for your comment Shugo!Yeah I guess that is true. But honestly, I don't have such experience. It is not that I am smart or anything, but my husband is the only guy I have actually dated…..I will tell her different kinds of stories…..

  • Well I do not mean it must be a relationship story, just open up to her and see if she responds in a likewise manner. If she fails to realise you just want what is best for her, then so be it. Do not worry too much, her age it is normal for a person to be closed off from their parents, most teenagers go through that "they don't understand me" stage. There are times in life when one must face things alone and learn from their experience, it is expected that she will try to do things without your advice or help, she will learn.Just try to be understanding and see how she responds, you know her much better than I, ultimately she is an individual that I have not real experience with.Once again, good luck.

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