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Region code

Published May 21, 2009 by lunalunaz

I have let my friend to watch my hotel-babylon DVDs. I have known that region code is different since there are european ones.
But today the same friend told me, she could not see Japanese DVDs anymore with her pc any more.
Then I realize that somehow the software has changed the region code of the DVD player which is attached to pc. I really didn't think such thing could happen and I was devastated.
I wrote an email to the friend apologizing about this matter, and she said it is no problem.
Still i feel very bad about it……

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At the used bookstore

Published May 13, 2009 by lunalunaz

I went to a used bookstore yesterday, and found this book. It was sold for only 105 yen! ( about 1 us dollar )

I guess nobody wants it, i mean, nobody wants to read such a thick book. But it looks good.

And I have found an airplane ticket to Auckland among the pages!

So the previous owner was reading this book while in the air, i suppose.

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