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Typhoon is gone!

Published October 31, 2010 by lunalunaz

The expected typhoon has gone to somewhere without causing us any damage. I was expecting it to be raining all day so I did not plan anything for today, which is Sunday. Now my daughter wants to go shopping with me. Apparently she expects me to buy her some winter clothes!!


quick lunch at a cafe

Published October 13, 2010 by lunalunaz

Today I went to a shopping mall called “Aeon mall” near Kyoto station to buy some printer ink for our HP printer. Then I stopped at the cafe on the second floor and had quick lunch there. It was good! Afterward, I went through a new Zara store on the ground floor. I didn’t buy any clothes yet. It was quite warm today and didn’t feel like buying any winter items!

Tap water vending machine

Published October 6, 2010 by lunalunaz

vending machineIt is the first to time for me to find the vending machine which sells tap water. I hear some water processing organizations start selling their water to show how good their water is. For me I can drink as much tap mater as I want at home, so I didn’t buy it. But when visiting other cities, it may be fun to try their tap water!!