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A pie we shared at a cafe!

Published November 26, 2010 by lunalunaz

We went to a newly built yodobashi camera building in Kyoto yesterday. After some little hopping, we stopped at a very nice cafe called “Berry” and had a piece of strawberry pie, which we shared.
(One piece is rather too big for a person, we thought.)


linux from console

Published November 16, 2010 by lunalunaz

I have been using linux for sometime. A few days ago i tried to update it but failed. I completely broke its X-window system. All I can do now is to type in command from console.

In a way it is fun. yesterday I have installed a software called mp3blaster which plays mp3 audio files. And today I listened to shoutcast radio through it. It was amazing what I can do from linux console…..

Italian dinner at Granvia hotel Kyoto, which is next to Kyoto station

Published November 14, 2010 by lunalunaz

The name of the restaurant is “La Risata”. It was our first time to have dinner there, but the place was packed! Must be a very popular spot.

Used book fair

Published November 3, 2010 by lunalunaz

I went to a used book fair at Chionji temple, Kyoto which is located in front of Kyoto University. I assumed not so many young people were there, but there were, including foreigners ( I think they are German girls…). And also sophisticated looking older people. I have bought one book which used to belong to a university library. But it seems like nobody has read it as it is written in Russian. I wish I could say, I am looking forward to reading it. At the moment, I don’t understand a word of it.