Charlie’s chocolate factory

Published May 9, 2011 by lunalunaz

I have read the book and watched the DVD afterward.
I felt a bit sorry for the kids who didn’t win. They may be a little spoiled, still Mr.Wanka could treat them well as a factory owner.
But it is an amazingly good story!!


6 comments on “Charlie’s chocolate factory

  • I saw the original movie when i was younger. We had a girl staying at our home for the day and she brought that movie with her. it was good. I was nervous around the girl as i didn’t have any female friends at that time. Although i did have a big crush on her older sister haha. The original is a British movie if i remember correctly 🙂

  • I just found out it is also a American movie haha, i thought it was British haha. Although a few of the actors are British so i guess that is why i thought it was british. Hard to remember if it was good or not since it has been over 20 years since i saw it haha. The book was by an British author. The original movie is called Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. 🙂
    I think i was to shy to even speak to her haha. so i guess not a good time 😛

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